As the impacts of human-induced climate change become harder and harder to ignore, some on the right have moved away from denying it exists and toward a new strategy: blaming immigrants for contributing to the problem.

Republicans have been eager to blame President Joe Biden for inviting a recent spike in arrivals of children and families at the southern border, with his promises of a more humane approach to immigration policy than his predecessor.

After months of indecision and blowback from within his own party, President Joe Biden has finally raised the cap on refugee admissions for 2021 to 62,500 — but he has made clear he doesn’t think the US will actually admit that many people.

The results of the 2020 census are a warning sign that America is on a course for slow population growth.

President Joe Biden’s promise to renew foreign aid to the Central America in an attempt to improve living conditions that are driving migrants to flee reflects what the prevailing line of thinking among Democrats for years: that the best way to deter large numbers of migrants from the region is to help their home countries become more peaceful and prosperous.

On Friday afternoon, President Joe Biden announced that he would not increase refugee admissions this fiscal year, saying that the current annual cap of 15,000 — a record low set by the Trump administration — “remains justified.”

As President Joe Biden grapples with increasing numbers of migrants arriving on the southern border of the United States, Republicans have been eager to frame it as a crisis that he invited by loosening some of his predecessor’s draconian immigration policies. In reality, Biden has repeatedly, publicly, and in no uncertain terms urged migrants not to come to the US.

Immigrants who have lived abroad or grown up with stories of political chaos know that the most violent days always start out in an eerie quiet, as January 6, 2021, did in Washington, DC. By 1:10 pm that day, after former President Donald Trump issued his call for thousands of supporters to march on the Capitol, anyone who was paying attention knew that something dangerous was about to take place.

Foreign workers who were barred from entering the US since last June — under a pandemic-related ban instituted by former President Donald Trump — will finally be able to apply for temporary visas again.