The Republican said this “steel wall” of vehicles was meant to stop migrants from crossing the dam

The Democrats’ Hail Mary attempt to legalize millions of immigrants with no current path to citizenship or permanent legal status ended the way most such plays do: in failure.

Amid an outcry over the U.S. treatment of Haitian asylum-seekers, the beleaguered island country’s embattled prime minister pointedly said Saturday that inequalities and conflict drive migration. But he stopped short of directly criticizing Washington over the issue.

I enjoy a good political dust-up as much as the next columnist, but the frenzy of attacks directed at President Biden from both sides regarding his handling of immigration is over the top.

Denouncing their actions as “outrageous,” President Biden vowed there would be consequences for the Border Patrol agents photographed riding horseback while swinging reins and charging at Haitian migrants trying to enter the country.

The viral images of border agents on horseback rounding up migrants on the Texas line over the weekend triggered disturbing memories for Marleine Bastien.

And because that’s what they hear so often — the sounds of Sierra Leone, Cameroon, Haiti, Jamaica — these residents decided to do something extraordinary for the migrants who take such good care of them, who treat their senior status with an honor and value that our youth-worshipping, throwaway culture too often neglects.

He crossed the Mexican border into Texas only two weeks ago, joyous at the prospect of building anew in the United States.

When Ken Salazar was in the U.S. Senate, he believed the United States was nearing a solution to its long political impasse over immigration.

In “Blue Bayou,” what begins as an affectingly unfussy immigrant story centering on a New Orleans tattoo artist — brought from South Korea to the United States for adoption as a child, but without proper paperwork, and now facing deportation in his 30s, after his citizenship status comes to light — is unable to sustain its nuanced, naturalistic tone.