Black, Indigenous, People of color (BIPOC) lives really do matter in the new data from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Data to be released Thursday by the Census Bureau is likely to show the U.S. is diversifying at the fastest rate in the nation’s history, even as overall population growth slows to the most sluggish pace since the country’s founding.

The Biden administration’s continued practice of expelling migrants at the border has reignited a lawsuit and left Democratic lawmakers confused and advocates frustrated as the White House increasingly adopts the Trump-era policy.

Vice President Harris’s “root causes” initiative for stemming Northern Triangle migration to the United States is facing serious headwinds before it takes off as governments in Mexico and Guatemala split with the Biden administration on key policy issues.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is reviving a lawsuit challenging the government’s use of a public health authority to quickly expel people crossing the Southern border, preventing them from seeking asylum.

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A court decision that has imperiled a program for undocumented immigrants who came to the United States as children has put new urgency behind an effort in Congress to deal with immigration through the budget.

A spokesman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice told the AP that an empty state prison in Dilley, Texas, is being used to hold detainees, with the expectation that up to 950 people can be held at the facility.

Facial recognition technology in immigration: Biden, biometrics and congressional mandate
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Fifty civil and immigrant rights groups sent a letter to President Joe Biden in February asking him to place a moratorium on all federal government use of facial recognition technology and other forms of biometric technology until Congress has authorized its use in specific circumstances with sufficient safeguards.

Contractors in charge of migrant children housed at a facility in Fort Bliss, Texas, were trained to assist with disaster recovery but had few Spanish skills and little ability to care for minors, two federal employees detailed to the border said in a whistleblower complaint filed Wednesday.

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Illinois Rep. Jesús García (D) said Tuesday he will support a budget reconciliation package only if it includes provisions to grant a pathway to citizenship to a broad spectrum of the country’s undocumented population.