The United States could capitalize on the advantages that come with being an open, expanding, innovative country that is increasingly diverse. Or….

There are no good ways to lose a war, but the way America has lost Afghanistan should fill every one of us with shame.

For some of us, the census data released on Thursday was fascinating. For others, it was, I would presume, downright frightening.

In the past week we have seen searing images and read heartbreaking media accounts of Afghans attempting to leave as the Taliban has rolled into Kabul and asserted control over the country. Americans owe vulnerable Afghans more than sympathy.

Even as many Republicans rail against mask mandates and spread skepticism about vaccines, GOP leaders have settled on one place where they take the spread of Covid very seriously — the border.

Should noncitizens be allowed to vote?

The policy at issue is Title 42, which allows Customs and Border Protection agents to expel migrants from the United States without court hearings or due process—ostensibly to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

During his campaign, President Biden promised that he would move away from then-President Donald Trump’s draconian immigration policies. But six months in, the Biden administration, despite a lot of talk of reform, has not changed course much.

Pedro Loza, now 74, recalls the exact moment he realized he would have to settle in the United States, despite his dream of returning to reside once again in his beloved Mexico.

About 29,000 recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program — immigrants brought to the United States without papers as children — have been working on the front lines as physicians, residents, nurses, paramedics or medical students.