At 8:46 a.m. on Sept. 11, 2001, a plane crashed into the North Tower. All 79 people on the 107th floor died, including 72 staff members.

Like many other West Texas sheriffs, Oscar E. Carrillo packs a gun, drives a truck and wears a cowboy hat. But it is his newest piece of gear, a corpse trolley, that has him questioning whether to remain a lawman.

Look up “immigrant” in different languages, and you’ll notice something interesting: The word sounds nearly the same in lots of tongues.

The film, set in a New York neighborhood known as the Little Dominican Republic, didn’t cast dark-skinned Latinos in lead roles. Our writers discuss how that absence reverberates.

Six years ago, an undocumented transgender woman from Mexico named Jennicet Gutiérrez attended an LGBTQ Pride event at the White House where President Barack Obama was delivering a speech on equality and inclusivity.

For more than a decade, I’ve tried to break into Hollywood with some success — but the experience has left me cynical.

That’s why she decided to take her college graduation photos in the same hot vegetable fields in Coachella, Calif., where she has worked with her parents since she was in high school.

NPR Short Wave host and reporter Emily Kwong is a third generation Chinese American, but she’s never spoken her family’s language.

Until now.