Nearly a decade after being allowed to work legally in the US, Ju Hong was back at square one this month, scrambling to obtain a work permit and seeking continued protection from deportation under the Obama-era Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

President Joe Biden took office vowing to chart a different course on immigration than his predecessor.

A bill extending the right to vote to noncitizens has a supermajority in the city council — the latest push to revive the tradition across the U.S.

The Biden administration faces the possibility of another immigration headache, as it weighs whether to more widely reopen US borders in the near future — just days from the current travel restrictions expiring.

Republican rhetoric on the border is dishonest and cynical. That doesn’t mean it won’t work.

Congressional Democrats and immigration advocates are staring at their best chance in years to overcome Republican opposition and give millions of people in the U.S. without legal authorization a way to become citizens.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement says requests for drivers’ personal data aren’t related to immigration enforcement. Experts worry that’s not true.

Twenty-four hours a day, adults with scuffed shoes and dusted pant legs file out of the Otay Mesa Port of Entry — sometimes alone and sometimes in groups — into Tijuana’s streets.

From South America, the Caribbean, Asia and beyond tens of thousands of migrants bound for the United States have been arriving to Mexico each month. Then their paths to the U.S. border begin to diverge.

President Biden called for bipartisan action on a pathway to citizenship for some migrants during a naturalization ceremony Friday at the White House in which he celebrated the contributions immigrants have made to the U.S.