The Black Lives Matter movement shows the way to penetrate the general ignorance and apathy about the U.S. immigration system among those who haven’t had to navigate it.

The Afghan American men spiked their volleyball shots with an anxious intensity as twilight fell on the fourth night of the Taliban’s takeover of their home country.

“What’s happening in Brooks County is so extreme that you have to see it to really get your mind around it.”

Activist Claudio Rojas says he was deported to his homeland, Argentina, for appearing in a film that criticized U.S. immigration authorities.

President Joe Biden has faced a torrent of criticism for abandoning Afghan partners as their country fell to the Taliban. Now, there is also a looming political controversy over the thousands of Afghans Biden will end up resettling over here.

A Justice Department attorney argued Tuesday for American immigration officials’ authority to limit the number of asylum-seekers allowed to cross into the U.S. from Mexico each day, even as President Joe Biden’s administration is attempting to distance itself from the Trump administration’s policy imposing caps on asylum applicants at border ports of entry.

President Donald Trump’s ban on the visa lottery was ruled to be illegal, but the government says it can’t help hundreds of Afghans who won it for at least another year.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Sunday announced it has been directed by President Biden to take the lead in resettling refugees who have been evacuated out of Afghanistan to escape the Taliban.

The last U.S. plane has departed Kabul, leaving in its wake a country ravaged by terror, bloodshed, and heartache.

Riya Goel is already seeing the more diverse America reported in the 2020 Census.