Yeah, the Democrats are generally pro-immigration, and Republicans are anti. But it’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

‘How to Report a Hate Crime’ comes in languages including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Vietnamese, with specific versions for L.A. and Orange counties.

We invaded it and committed violence, even genocide, including deliberate germ warfare with smallpox-infected blankets, to take it over and make those who lived here a controlled minority.

“We have the experience and the expertise to process 125,000 refugees per year—easily,” Eskinder Negash told me this week. That’s eight times more than the historic low number the Biden administration recently said it’d allow into the country, before quickly backtracking in the face of pushback from allies and promising to announce a higher level of refugee admissions by May 15.

In March of last year, the Trump administration utilized Title 42 of the Public Health Safety Act to stop noncitizen migration in the “interest of public health.”

The Biden administration is starting to see some success in its efforts to shelter thousands of children and teenagers at the southwestern border, with a fraction of the number of children still held in the jails run by the Border Patrol than there were a month ago.

Out on the water, the smell of diesel mixed with the ocean salt, the sound of the engine puttering along was slightly louder than my mom’s muffled cries.

Mark Kelly is a reliable ally of President Joe Biden. Except when it comes to the border.

The Supreme Court on Thursday sided with an undocumented Guatemalan immigrant seeking to challenge his removal from the U.S. by immigration authorities.

The first round of 2020 census results released this week were the sorts of aggregate numbers that tell us only about broad shifts. As in, California loses a seat in the House of Representatives, Montana gains one.