A human-rights catastrophe has taken shape on the border in Texas — and it has happened on the Biden administration’s watch. Monday, the nation saw horrifying images of Border Patrol officials appearing to chase and confront asylum seekers, who were largely Haitian, near the international bridge between Coahuila, Mexico, and Del Rio, Texas.

The Democrats’ Hail Mary attempt to legalize millions of immigrants with no current path to citizenship or permanent legal status ended the way most such plays do: in failure.

I enjoy a good political dust-up as much as the next columnist, but the frenzy of attacks directed at President Biden from both sides regarding his handling of immigration is over the top.

Yeah, the Democrats are generally pro-immigration, and Republicans are anti. But it’s a lot more complicated than you might think.

Mine is not an easy story to tell. I have been crying for days as I’ve watched history repeat itself at the border. I try to process emotions that are as complex as my identity – Haitian, Black, immigrant, woman, mother, daughter.

Ghastly images and videos this week showed Border Patrol agents on horses, using their reins aggressively to intimidate Haitians, including small children, on the riverbank in Del Rio, Texas.

Our view: Haitian migrants’ only ‘crime’ was to hope that America would live up to its values and promises, that huddled masses could still find refuge here.

Forty Members of Congress recently wrote a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and USCIS Director Ur Jaddou expressing concern about the affirmative asylum backlog, which as of April 2021, had reached a record high — nearly 400,000 applications.

The Black Lives Matter movement shows the way to penetrate the general ignorance and apathy about the U.S. immigration system among those who haven’t had to navigate it.

After flipping through the voter information guide that was mailed to my home a few weeks ago, I started counting up the pivotal elections I’ve witnessed firsthand but could not participate in.