Following the News — Influencing the Narrative

It’s impossible to change anything if we’re unaware of what’s going on — in our community and across the nation. Being well-informed increases our ability to influence events. UWS is the ONLY dedicated daily source of immigration news. But it’s not enough to be informed. We must take action. Our stories have the power to rewrite the news, to rewrite the history of this country.

A team of experts in Switzerland has spent months smelling and tasting coffee harvested from the volcanic soil of Central America, trying to find farmers who can produce beans that will retain their flavor and complexity after they are ground up and packaged into Nespresso pods.

A convoy of demonstrators blocked northbound lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge early Thursday.

The swell of Haitian migrants attempting to come to the U.S. shows the country needs a plan to help environmental refugees, advocates say, while warning that the swift deportation of those camped in Texas is indicative of how climate migrants could be treated in the years to come.

Ivan Nava and David Muñoz, friends from Guerrero, Mexico, crossed into the USA together in June without permission. They hoped to connect with relatives, find jobs and map out better lives for their families back in Mexico.

A new Vox/Data for Progress poll reveals some Americans’ selective stance on Afghan refugees.

But the man in charge won’t be the one to fix it.

As he extends Trump-era policies, President Biden discovers that many voters are no longer willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

The Democrats’ Hail Mary attempt to legalize millions of immigrants with no current path to citizenship or permanent legal status ended the way most such plays do: in failure.

The Senate Parliamentarian on Wednesday rejected Democrats’ second attempt to try to include a pathway to legalization for immigrants in a bill that could be passed with just Democratic support, a source tells CNN.

Florida Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday announced a new lawsuit against the Biden administration over its so-called catch and release immigration policy.