President Biden discussed some areas the administration has already pursued, including calling for employers to set up clinics at work and to offer paid time off for workers. Health officials warn that increasingly crowded migrant detention centers in the United States can be fertile ground for outbreaks.

The Biden administration is introducing an unprecedented effort to encourage eligible immigrants to apply for US citizenship, according to a US Citizenship and Immigration Services official.

As advocates for immigrants, we work with some difficult cases, including matters involving humanitarian-based relief for children who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. Unfortunately, there is an immigration quota system and a huge backlog of visas for children under this special category that is making that advocacy even more difficult than it already was.

The White House is discovering that the path to undoing the former president’s most despised policy is full of tricks and traps.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration Wednesday, seeking to block the transfer of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detainees at a New Jersey jail.

On a sunny Saturday in March, Gustavo Ajche and Ligia Guallpa welcomed two dozen food delivery couriers to a morning rally in lower Manhattan. As mimosa drinkers filled SoHo cafes’ outdoor tables, couriers lined up for hot chuchitos, Guatemalan tamales filled with chicken and beef.

The court ruled that thousands of people living in the U.S. for humanitarian reasons are ineligible to apply to become permanent residents.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan vetoed two bills supported by immigration advocates on Wednesday, including a measure that would prohibit local jails from entering into agreements with federal authorities on immigration-related detentions.

The Supreme Court made it harder Monday for an immigrant to defend himself against a charge of unlawful entry, even though he was wrongly sent out of the country more than 20 years ago based on a DUI conviction.

The Biden administration is under pressure to scrap a last-minute Trump-era rule that dramatically increased fees for those fighting deportation or seeking asylum in immigration court. A rule finalized on the last full day of the Trump administration increased by nearly nine-fold the cost for appealing deportation orders while imposing for the first time a $50 filing fee on asylum-seekers.