A convoy of demonstrators blocked northbound lanes of the Golden Gate Bridge early Thursday.

The swell of Haitian migrants attempting to come to the U.S. shows the country needs a plan to help environmental refugees, advocates say, while warning that the swift deportation of those camped in Texas is indicative of how climate migrants could be treated in the years to come.

A complaint requests that potential witnesses to Border Patrol abuses be allowed to remain in the U.S. while their asylum claims are investigated.

The viral images of border agents on horseback rounding up migrants on the Texas line over the weekend triggered disturbing memories for Marleine Bastien.

Around 100 Afghan refugees have been approved by the federal government to settle in Maine within the next six months, Catholic Charities Maine (CCM) announced Friday.

Casa, which opened in February 2019, is one of a handful of Tijuana shelters catering to a group that includes trans women, gay men and mothers traveling alone with children —

Ali-Reza Torabi was a sixth-grader in San Diego when two planes slammed into the twin towers in New York on Sept. 11, 2001.

Lorin George has spent the last 35 years working as a flight attendant with American Airlines. Each year, she has registered for the Civil Reserve Air Fleet, a program in which airlines voluntarily assist the Defense Department during a time of crisis.

For 45 days, the Brawley, Calif., city councilman has trekked along the Mexican border, averaging five to six hours of walking a day, but sometimes as many as 15 hours.

Satisfaction with the way Asian Americans are treated in the U.S. has plummeted after a year of documented increases in hate crimes and instances of racism, a new poll shows.