Review: In ‘Sanctuary City,’ Slamming the Door on the Dream

For the undocumented immigrant teenagers in Martyna Majok’s unsparing, unsentimental new play, home is a heartbreaking lesson in betrayal.

‘Blue Bayou’s’ immigrant tale turns from naturalism to melodrama

In “Blue Bayou,” what begins as an affectingly unfussy immigrant story centering on a New Orleans tattoo artist — brought from South Korea to the United States for adoption as a child, but without proper paperwork, and now facing deportation in his 30s, after his citizenship status comes to light — is unable to sustain its nuanced, naturalistic tone.

Interactive mural at the Tijuana-San Diego border showcases stories of migration

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The mural, spanning 150 feet across and reaching 20 feet high, is in Playas de Tijuana, next to the Mexican side of Friendship Park where the border fence meets the Pacific Ocean.

America’s Story Is Immigrants’ Story.

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Immigrant Stories is a collection of 375 videos with first-person narratives about being an immigrant in America. The video and archival project is run by the University of Minnesota’s Immigration History Research Center and co-founded by Erika Lee, a Regents Professor of History and Asian American Studies at the university.

Review: ‘Forever Purge’ takes franchise to southern border in a battle for the heart of America

In 2013, budget horror production studio Blumhouse produced “The Purge,” a nasty, clever action/horror flick written and directed by James DeMonaco that posited the question: What if all crime was legal for one night?

They Left Home. Now They Wait at The Border. These are Their Stories.

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The life of a migrant at the border waiting for the right moment to cross into the United States is often in flux. The New York Times tried to capture a piece of this uncertain journey by giving people a chance to convey it in their own way.

Review: ‘I Carry You With Me’ brings a gay immigrant romance into imperfect but moving focus

“They hate us over there.” That’s Gerardo (Christian Vázquez), alarmed to hear that his boyfriend, Iván (Armando Espitia), is thinking of leaving home and crossing over into the United States.

El Salvador, Immigrant Artist, Disney Animator, Asylum, Jose Zelaya

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As a boy, even when the Salvadoran army was laying waste to his hometown and guerrilla rebels were stalking the nearby woods, José Zelaya held fast to his dream. “One day,” he told his mother, “I’m going to work for Mickey Mouse.”

In the Heights exemplified the ugly colorism I’ve experienced in Latinx communities

The film adaptation of the musical revealed the pain of experiencing racism within one’s own ethnic communities.

Photos: 2 Cantonese Women Share Their Immigrant Journey

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Recent reports of violence against Asian Americans have drawn attention to the challenges and discrimination many Asian Americans face — especially women.

As immigration politics changed, so did ‘In the Heights’

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This week marked the long-awaited release of “In the Heights,” the film version of the award-winning Broadway musical by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes.

She Was Deeply Moved by Refugees’ Stories. So She Told Them in Song.

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“Song to a Refugee,” an inadvertent concept album from the singer and songwriter Diana Jones, strives to center the voices of migrant women.

Mapping A Path Forward For The Asian Diaspora In ‘Imagine Us, The Swarm’

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In the context of diaspora, the body is a vessel that knows how to adapt. And what does it carry? Pain, love, and resistance. All those, it carries forward.

‘Five Years North’ Review: Opposite Sides of Immigration

“Five Years North” follows two New Yorkers whose paths you hope will never cross. Luis is an undocumented 16-year-old from Guatemala, who at the film’s outset has just been released from detention and awaits a court date. Judy is a middle-age Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer overseeing Luis’s neighborhood.

How Trump’s Cruelty Is Fueling Padma Lakshmi’s Fight for Immigrants

I’m an immigrant—and I’m not alone. Padma Lakshmi opens each episode of her new Hulu series Taste the Nation with that mantra, and it’s one that’s powering the food author and TV host during the Trump administration’s all-out war on immigrants, from the “Muslim ban” and separating children from their families at the U.S.-Mexico border to the recent suspension of immigrant-worker visas through 2021.

Film Club: ‘For One Young Migrant, a Family Separation Nightmare’

For the past three years, David and his son, Adelso, have communicated only by phone. Adelso is just one of about 5,500 children who was taken from a parent, as a result of the Trump administration’s family separation policy.




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