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Debating the big questions on immigration: What rights do immigrants have – and is the president free to bar them?

Originally published by SALON Anis Shivani Big changes are afoot on immigration policy as the right continues to deploy its familiar talking points, feeding into the Trump punitive juggernaut. Unfortunately, the current public discourse - whether around the Muslim ban or the expulsion of criminal aliens - remains mostly free of historical, legal and philosophical nuance.

‘Blue Bayou’s’ immigrant tale turns from naturalism to melodrama

In “Blue Bayou,” what begins as an affectingly unfussy immigrant story centering on a New Orleans tattoo artist — brought from South Korea to the United States for adoption as a child, but without proper paperwork, and now facing deportation in his 30s, after his citizenship status comes to light — is unable to sustain its nuanced, naturalistic tone.




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At UnitedWeStay, our mission has expanded over the years to become the ONLY dedicated immigrant advocacy, news and storytelling organization that keeps the public informed about immigration issues on a daily basis. UWS believes that immigrants are the embodiment of the American Dream and we are dedicated to making this country live up to its own ideals.



INC: Trump Administration separation Policy Went way beyond the border

Trump Administration seperation Policy Went way beyond the border, Biden Extends Temporary Protected Status for Haiti, ICE to End contracts with two facilities under investigation

INC Far fewer children in border patrol custody for much less time

The Department of Homeland Security Secretary, Alejandro Mayorkas, testified before a Senate panel last week that the number of migrant children held in custody by Customs and Border Protection (CBP) continues to fall.

INC Number of children in border patrol custody drops 84%

Last week the government reported an 84 percent decline over the the past month in the number of migrant children in Border Patrol custody. We are now at 790 children, down from almost 5,800 in BP custody just a month ago. Not only has the number of children in custody dropped, so has the time that unaccompanied minors are forced to spend in border cells which is down significantly from an average of 1333 hours to 28 hours.